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cyprus-meze1.jpgAny visitor to Cyprus should try as many of the different types of cuisine available. There is a true international 'flavour' to this Mediterranean Island. Meze is a traditional mix of various dishes, possibly as many as 12 or 13 (or more in some tavernas), that will no doubt leave you full, unless you 'eat for your country'.


Cyprus cuisine consists of many fine dishes including,  Kleftico, lamb or goat cooked in a clay oven…yummy…, Souvla, barbequed lamb or pork, Moussaka, a delicious dish of meat and vegetables with a thick sauce to bind it, Shieftalies, small sausages which have a unique taste. The brave or adventurous amongst you may be tempted to try sheep brains as well.


LIMASSOL HARBOUR.JPGLimassol has many fine restaurants with food from many cultures and backgrounds available, with lots of the basic eateries located on the seafront. Meze (many small mixed dishes) is a good choice, but you will find not only Cypriot, but Indian, Mediterranean, Yugoslavian, Russian, Lebanese and Chinese dotted around the town and also along the seafront.


Having sampled many, our personal favourite is the newly opened Itilo Restaurant near the Curium Palace Hotel. Grazie, run by George is a super Italian restaurant in Paphos. Paphos is where the majority of British ex-pats settle and buy property with some 30,000 living in the area.


Paph.jpgIn the bustling holiday town of Paphos, there are dozens of eateries of all kinds, and all prices. With breakfasts and dinners available from about €5.00, there is a huge choice. Restaurants serve traditional foods including meze, and you will see strong influences of both Greece and Turkey.


You will find English food too, with burgers, breakfasts, steaks and Fish and Chips readily available. One of the best in our opinion is to be found at the Sea King Fish Bar in Akrotiri, it is about an hours drive from Paphos and 15 minutes from Limassol.  For your fish and chips along the Eastern end of the Island try Lambros near the base at Dhekelia just outside of Larnaca.


The price of meals does vary, but a very reasonable meal for two can be had for around €17.00. Expect to pay €50.00-€85.00 in the better restaurants. Beer is around €2.20 for local brew and €3.00 for local spirits. Imported beers and spirits cost considerably more, around €3.40 a pint, with cocktails aroud €5.00 each. Sex on the beach?


All spirits and beers can be bought cheaply in supermarkets with 1lt of Gin or Vodka at around €8.00. Zirvania, the local hooch spirit, is cheaply available and is not for the faint hearted.... and the aspirin will cost more than the bottle of drink!!!!!!!!!


cyprus coffee1.jpgFinally, Cyprus coffee. Served in a small in cup, very strong and powdery to taste. Can be taken with or without sugar, accompanied by a glass of water. You have to!


There are lots of restaurants in Paphos and restaurants in Limassol to try traditional food in Cyprus or why not have a day out and try one of the many restaurants in Protaras or restaurants in Larnaca areas.

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